About Us

EDSI employs a diverse collection of talent from sales to engineering and administrative support with over 150 years of experience. Our collective skills are brought together to serve our customers quickly and accurately in ways unique to EDSI. To serve you more efficiently, we've provided a brief staff biography to help direct your inquiry to the staff member best able to serve you.


Edward Goodrich - President
508-580-4466x 14
Ed is the owner and president of EDSI and salesmen for the large union contractors in eastern Massachusetts.
James Lydon - Executive Vice-President
508-580-4466 x11
Jamie is an outside salesman for contractors in Boston and the South Shore.
Scott Edwards - Vice-President
508-580-4466 x12
Scott is an outside salesman for contractors in Boston and the North Shore.
Matthew Freitas, PE - Engineering
508-580-4466 x16
Matt provides engineering support to consulting engineers in all EDSI territories and technical support.
Edward Goodrich, Jr. - Sales Manager
508-580-4466 x18
Ed is an outside salesman for contractors in the Worcestor area as well as inside sales for wholesale customers.
Jeff Bradshaw - Inside Sales, Sales Support
508-580-4466 x21
Jeff is an inside salesman for wholesale customers and provides sales support for the outside salesmen.
Debbie Gavigan - Accounts payable/receivable & administrative support
508-580-4466 x10
Debbie provides administrative support from customer service to quote management.
Jayson Kimball – Sales Engineer/Inside Sales Support
508-580-4466 x15
Jayson is an sales engineer that provides support to consulting engineers. He also provides technical and sales support to the outside salesman and customers.